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Tesla Keeps Model S Pre-Order Buyers In The Loop

If over 10,000 Tesla Model S pre-order customers have had to wait until June 22, and beyond before getting their new car, it’s unlikely they will say Tesla has not been willing to engage, inform, and entertain them as they patiently stand in their virtual queue.

Perhaps taking lessons from Tom Sawyer, Tesla is turning the wait into anticipation of a gratifying experience that may be all the better than instant gratification might have been if it had been possible.

Specifically, the company is doing one blog post a week called “Inside Tesla” leading up to its first June deliveries. The posts are a continuation of Tesla’s efforts to share background and other info in a positive way intended to makes prospective owners feel important and involved.

This week’s episode is about its Fremont, Calif. factory’s stamping process for “the most innovative cars of the 21st century” as Tesla describes the S, and its soon-to-be live configurator that will enable customers to fully spec every last detail of their Model S online.

40 Tons
As the video shows, the steel-reinforced aluminum car has its body panels stamped from what started as a coil of aluminum sheet that weighs 10 tons, and is stamped by a die weighing 40 tons.

Rather than outsource this, Tesla has chosen to do it in house in a process that can turn out ready to paint doors, hoods, etc., says George Blankenship, Vice President, worldwide sales and ownership experience.


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