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Sony patent points to piggy-backed wireless power

Electronics giant Sony has applied for a patent on a novel form of wireless power that would allow devices to ‘piggy-back’ on each other to extend the range of the system.

Traditional wireless charging systems promise much in the way of improving usability of portable devices by ensuring they are never allowed to run low on battery, but they have several drawbacks – not least of which is the fact that, while no cables are involved, the devices typically need to be touching a small pad in order to take advantage of the wireless power.

Sony’s patent looks to address that problem with a wider-reaching system. Listed by the US Patents and Trademarks Office, the application combines a location-steering system to direct users towards the areas where the wireless power is available – with the suggested source being a ceiling-mounted transmitter which provides wireless power in a conical field, rather than a mat which requires surface contact.


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