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POD Point on stand-by for dawn of electric cars

POD Point founder Erik Fairbairn: “We’re still at the very early stages, but I think we’re about to see some big strides.”

Few would seek to swap an Aston Martin for a G-Wiz, but – in a commercial sense at least – that’s exactly what Erik Fairbairn has done. An effort to save money and the environment? Not exactly – the 35-year-old entrepreneur says electric cars simply offer a much larger opportunity than his former business, supercar rental club Ecurie25.
“Supercars was a fun business to be in, but it’s a bit niche,” he says. By contrast, POD Point has the potential to be “massive”, he claims – “revenues of hundreds of millions are quite realistic, just in the UK”.

Fairbairn’s new business actually deals in infrastructure, not cars, which is probably just as well. Despite government efforts to kick-start the market with grants for nine models, electric car sales remain stubbornly puny; just 1,082 were sold last year.



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