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OptiMate™ Lithium, The World’s First Lithium-ion Battery Optimiser

Compact and lightweight, yet able to deliver high CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and hold charge longer, lithium-ion batteries are popular with racers and road riders alike. They are considerably more expensive than traditional lead-acid units though, so OptiMate™ – innovator in battery charging and maintenance since 1989 – has developed the world’s first Lithium-ion battery optimiser, to help protect the investment. OptiMate Lithium’s unique and fully automated multi-step ampmatic™ program tests, recharges, balances and maintains LiFePO4/LFP batteries, keeping charge at 100% and helping to prolong battery life, with no risk of overcharging or damage. RRP: £109,99.

It’s often claimed that Lithium batteries require no long term maintenance charging. While this may be the case for those stored unused, when connected to a motorcycle Li-ion batteries are subject to the same issues as lead-acid: digital displays, LED warning lights, clock and alarm/immobilisers can all drain current and cause irreparable damage.


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