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New Zealand: Sovereign opts for zero emission pool car

Sovereign today became the first company in New Zealand to purchase the world’s first mass-produced, fully electric, zero emission vehicle; the Nissan LEAF.

The Nissan LEAF is the culmination of decades of investment and research and embodies Nissan’s radical, transformative vision for the future.

Sovereign plans to use the Nissan LEAF as a company pool car, and Mercury Energy has developed a specially designed fuel package to ensure that Sovereign’s commitment to sustainability translates into real savings. A purpose-built charging station has been installed onsite at Sovereign’s head office at Smales Farm on Auckland’s North Shore.

Sovereign CEO Charles Anderson says: “The world is changing like never before. Sovereign takes the consumption of resources and our impact on the environment seriously and we are pleased to be able to demonstrate our leadership in this area.

“Sovereign, New Zealand’s largest life insurer, is committed to a sustainability agenda, and we believe the Nissan LEAF and evolution to fully-electric vehicles that maximise the use of New Zealand’s renewable energy sources is an important step in technology innovation, and are proud to be the first to purchase this ground-breaking vehicle,” he says.

“We’re re-defining our business practices to ensure we make the most positive impact we can on our environment and community.”

Nissan New Zealand Managing Director John Manley says that while the vehicle is a world first and full of innovation, it’s also been designed for real world requirements.

“Unlike other electric vehicles, the Nissan LEAF is, to all intents, like any other five door, mid-range sedan,” says Manley.

“In addition to its full functionality, it also boasts a superior recyclability rate; not only are the vehicles comprised of a high percentage of recycled plastics, fabrics and other materials, but at the end of their life span, 99 per cent of materials will again be recycled to create new Nissan LEAF vehicles or other plastic products,” says Manley.


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