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Lead Letter: Clean, cheap energy is here for the taking

Two readers reacted to Times-Union articles about the city’s new electric vehicles with scathing criticism of the technology, the purchase cost of the vehicles and clean energy subsidies enacted by the Obama administration.

Let’s look at relevant facts.
First, electric motor fuels are cheaper than gasoline. The cost of electricity required to power the 100 percent battery electric vehicle (Nissan Leaf) or the plug-in hybrid (GM Volt) costs the owner less than the electrons bought from JEA.
Also, the Volt returns money to JEA while the Impala sends money to oil producers.
Second, the plug-in hybrid is both breakthrough technology and a transition vehicle. Initial electric vehicle costs are high because batteries are expensive. Economies of scale and more technology innovation will bring costs down as production ramps up.
Retired engineers also complained about the high cost of PCs and iPads compared to their old typewriters and slide rules.
As drivers and communities become familiar and friendly to electric vehicles, the initial cost will drop significantly along with air pollution, noise and ugly noxious exhaust fumes.



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