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Isreal: First Nationwide Network of Electric Battery Stations Launches

Instead of fretting over the limited range of their electric vehicles, drivers in Israel can now exchange their depleted batteries for charged ones at the first nationwide network of EV battery stations in the world. The swap takes about five minutes as opposed to the six to eight hours required to charge a battery.

The stations, called Better Place, are meant to assuage drivers’ fears about running out of juice (an EV’s range is typically 100 miles). This is something experts have identified as an impediment to more widespread EV use. “Consumers may simply decide that electric cars don’t offer the range they need,” automotive expert John McElroy told Fox News.

Better Place is the brainchild of Israeli businessman Shai Agassi, who has raised $750 million for the venture, including from the likes of General Electric. Agassi has launched four stations in Israel, with plans to add 40 more by the end of the year. Israel was chosen for its tech-savvy culture and because much of its population is concentrated in one area, along the Mediterranean, so many of its drivers will have access to the network.


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