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Green Jobs: The Future of the Plug In Electric Vehicle Market Is Looking Bright

As I mentioned in a previous article about the Detroit Auto Show, a December 8, 2011 report from Pike Research estimated that by the year 2017, the hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles will represent 5.1 percent of auto sales in the United States and 3.1 percent of sales worldwide. That represents an annual growth rate of nearly 20 percent from current levels for green vehicles, said the report.

Additionally, a separate December 13th report from the research firm estimated that the number of charging stations for electric vehicles will reach 1.5 million in the U.S. and 7.7 globally by 2017 to support the rising use of electric cars.

This month, two additional indicators show that the plug in electric vehicle (EV) market is poised for growth: strong Prius sales and the predicted boom in the vehicle-to-grid market.

Toyota Plug In Prius Tops Sales Charts

In March 2012, both Toyota Prius hybrids and the Chevy Volt hit new sales records thanks to high gas prices.

The Prius sold 28,711 hybrids, up 54% from last year. The Volt sold 2,289 units according to Treehugger, who says that this number is strong because its a new, expensive technology that will become cheaper and better over time.


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