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Google gets green light for self-driving car

Visitors view the Toyota Prius PHV (plug-in hybrid vehicle) (L) and the prototype of the new all-electric Toyota RAV4 (R) at the sixth annual Alternative Transportation Expo and Conference (AltCar Expo) in Santa Monica, California on September 30, 2011. Toyota unveiled May 7, 2012 what it says is the first all-electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) on the market, a version of its popular RAV4 with a top range of 100 miles and minimum six-hour charge time. The car will be sold initially only in California with a base price of $49,800, and the Japanese car company hopes to sell a relatively modest 2,600 units over the next three years. AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECK

The state of Nevada has issued a license plate giving Google’s self-driving car the green light to travel along public roads.

The modified Toyota Prius was issued a license bearing an infinity sign next to the left of number “001” after demonstrating its auto-pilot capabilities on highways, neighborhood streets and even the hectic “strip” in Las Vegas.


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