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Ford Looks to Dominate the World of Efficiency

There’s no doubt that gas prices are still high and have no signs of going down significantly any time soon. As a result auto companies have started an arms race towards sustainability with less dependence on foreign oil. In every car commercial the biggest advertising message is MPG…whoever gets to the magical number 40 wins. That is until the new Pius got to 50 and then the Chevy Volt with extended range plug in electric technology. The new race for fuel efficiency has also reinvented the wheel towards the Electric car market. Once killed by big oil, the electric car market is quickly growing. The Nissan Leaf is the top selling electric car right now and compared to the other EV’s out there it is the best looking electric car. However, it is still an ugly car that has limited range, which in effect has hurt its recent sales numbers. If the Leaf is thinking about making a comeback in sales it should probably think again. Ford is due to deliver their new Focus Electric within the next couple months to showroom floors. Pre-sales are already in the works and dozens more are itching to get behind the wheel. All the hype surrounding the car is definitely for good reason. If you look at it from the outside it looks like a 2012 Ford Focus, but with an Aston Martin grill. If you look inside the vehicle it is loaded with technology and cabin space. Oh…how does it drive? That’s the best part, it drives like a real car! I had the privilege of driving the car a couple weeks ago and I was blown away. The torque was incredible for an electric motor, the MPGe was outstanding and there was no range anxiety because the technology in the car planned out my route so that I would always find an electric charging station


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