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EV Scooter Dials Down Power, Range For Value

High-performance electric vehicles (EV) generally grab the headlines, since the idea of an EV going fast is still enough of a surprise that the people tend to sit up and take notice when one comes along.

Even so, while souped-up EVs stir up plenty of online chatter this doesn’t often translate to sales. Largely because making a high-performance EV remains an expensive business. Hence automaker Z Electric Vehicle’s (ZEV) latest model of scooter, the ZEV 5000.

image via ZEV

The launch of the 5000 seems on the surface a step down for the automaker, which is better known for its high-performance rides. Most of their models enjoy a top speeds of 75 to 80 mph, and contain lithium batteries that give the scooter a range of 100 miles.

The 5000 can’t get up much beyond 60 mph and its non-exotic, lead-based battery gives the scooter a range of 50 miles, down to half that in heavy traffic.

ZEV said the new model is a response to economic hard times and the fact that disposable income is not what it was — though the scooter comes in at a not exactly giveaway price of $4,545, this is still considerably less than earlier ZEV models.

The company said the 5000 is also tailored to the habits of many urban bike riders. In a statement ZEV said: “For the vast majority of the population, their needs and use patterns could best be served by a new approach, rather than a new technology. The vast majority of the public needs a vehicle to commute to work less than 20 miles.”


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