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Europe/USA: BMW Pushes Solar Power With New Parntership

BMW has taken another step in what is shaping up to be a multifaceted electric vehicle initiative that focuses on spurring infrastructure and lifestyle changes among consumers, as much as touting the vehicles themselves.

A new partnership between BMW and Real Goods Solar, a Louisville, Colo.-based provider of residential and commercial solar technology, will allow owners of current BMW ActiveE experimental electric vehicles and future buyers of the i3, BMW’s first full-production EV scheduled to launch in 2013, to buy solar panels for their homes at up to a 35% discount.

They will have the option to purchase or lease the equipment, which Real Goods Solar will install and service. The company’s website lists two 20-year lease options, one with zero down that amortizes equipment costs over the term of the lease, and another where owners pay $5,269 upfront and forgo a monthly payment. The website says the zero-down option has the potential to save ConEd customers in New York $71,036 over 20 years in avoided gas and utility costs, while the prepaid option could save up to $84,599. (Go to the Real Goods Solar website to see how it calculated those savings.)


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