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ElectronVault Launches Traction Battery Product Line, Boosts Energy Utilization by 50 Percent

ElectronVault Series 1 Line is designed for a broad range of electric vehicles, and extends the range, power, and performance of a wide range of electric vehicles – from two-wheeled vehicles and automobiles to buses and trucks.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2012

Energy storage pioneer ElectronVault Inc. announced the launch of its ElectronVault Series 1 line of electric vehicle traction batteries. An addition to the company’s tailored battery system solutions, the Series 1 line boosts battery energy utilization by 50 percent, extending range, power, and performance of electric vehicles. The product line is composed of four standardized module sizes, with over 300,000 electrical configurations and battery cell load options that can be quickly delivered for easy integration into a range of electric vehicles from two-wheeled vehicles and automobiles to buses and trucks.

ElectronVault is demonstrating its latest technology this week on booth #1123 at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS26) in Los Angeles.

“Using the Series 1 line can help many electric vehicles easily beat the energy costs of gasoline- powered systems,” said Rob Ferber, CEO and co-founder of ElectronVault, Inc. “Unlike other systems on the market, the Series 1 line keeps drivers on the road with dealer-serviceable components. And to keep drivers safe and consumer satisfaction high, all of our traction battery systems come loaded with truly self-healing battery management and autonomous, redundant safety systems.”

Small footprint and standardized specifications also help electric vehicle manufacturers cut battery system production costs by up to 50 percent. Rapid delivery times and native compatibility with a wide range of battery chemistries can significantly reduce in-house R&D time and expense. Modular design provides high levels of flexibility to meet the most demanding electric vehicle requirements. Other critical features include universal state-of-charge and state- of-health measurement, passive air-cooling and three-year battery standby time.

The four module sizing options are matched by more than 300,000 electrical configurations and battery chemistry load options to cover specific electric vehicle requirements-and can be deployed as standalone, ganged or arrayed systems. Manufacturers of personal mobility devices can opt for Size 1 (CL3) modules, which each provide 550 W of continuous power in a 6 kilogram, 221 millimeter-long package. Companies producing electric buses can opt for
Size 4 (CL3) modules for 2200 W of continuous power in a 14 kilogram, 700 millimeter-long casing. All systems are shippable by common carrier for rapid integration into electric vehicle manufacturing processes.

Electric vehicle manufacturers can also easily mix and match different modules of the Series 1 traction battery line. Systems are deliverable in 30 to 60 days, or to suit development timelines. To speed the process, manufacturers will soon be able to use a new online tool, the ElectronVault Traction Battery Designer (sm) prototyping toolkit.

“By entering battery system development requirements into the Traction Battery Designer, our customers end up with complete specification sheets-including manufacturing costs and expected delivery dates,” said Linda Maepa, COO and co-founder of ElectronVault. “With the launch of the Series 1 line, manufacturers around the world can take advantage of cost-effective, powerful and standardized traction battery systems that come with the flexibility to meet specific requirements.”

About ElectronVault Inc.
Based in Silicon Valley, California, ElectronVault invents and licenses technologies that enable large-scale battery systems to be manufactured, sold and serviced at mass-market price targets. ElectronVault Battery System Platform™ technologies are used in electric vehicles (two-wheel, four-wheel and mass transit), as well as infrastructure (grid-tied and off-grid) energy storage applications. The company has electric vehicle and remote power battery systems deployed in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.


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