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Electric Car Makers Can Sell Their ZEV Credits So Other Car Makers Can Continue To Sell Gasoline Powered Vehicles in California

But First Snide’s Remarks; Verrry interesting, another way to force EV’s on a non-interested public. You all know how skeptical The Auto Channel has been about the practical and economic value of EV’s unless or until a major Star Trek-like breakthrough changes the physics of batteries.

But this new wrinkle on a dubious but good intentioned requirement has morphed into a work-around for future ZEV development, and will insure that the few EV makers will make profit not from selling electric or other ZEV cars, but from their subsidization by non-ZEV car makers and California’s car buyers.

Deep pocketed car companies that want to continue to sell gas guzzlers and other old fashioned anti-American fuel powered vehicles in sunny California (and the other States committed to follow the California requirement) can do so without ever concerning themselves with a move to sustainable domestic fuel to power their products.

EV makers will be able to price their offerings low enough so as to actually sell them and make their profit from selling their earned and unneeded ZEV credits (like GM made $ billions from 1921-1974 not from selling cars profitably but from royalities generated from ownership of leaded gasoline), so the non ZEV car makers can continue sell in California and keep the old fashioned gasoline status quo…this gotta make OPEC happy. What do you think?


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