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Converting existing cars to EVs slowly becoming practical

Electric cars have their pluses and minuses, but the day is coming when you can take the gasoline vehicle you bought five years ago and convert it to a zero-emissions plug-in EV with everything you’d expect, except the tax credit.

A just-posted story on the Forbes website by Jim Motavalli, a regular contributor to the Mother Nature Network, outlines some of the new conversion kits already available on the market for cars and trucks including the Honda Civics, Ford F-150s and even the GM Silverado.

The downside is the price tag runs from $24K for the Civic to $79K for the Silverado – but the costs will come down as the number of adopters goes up. Of course, given the cost of the kit, even for the Honda, by the time you add in the cost of the Civic, and subtract the tax credit from the new car, you could probably buy a brand new EV cheaper at the moment.


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