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Consumer Reports Favors ‘Purpose-Built’ EVs

In the process of checking out the electric vehicles at this year’s EVS26 Symposium in Los Angeles, Consumer Reports has observed that purpose-made EVs trump ones adapted from gasoline models.

The influential consumer publication called out the Chevrolet Volt and Ford Focus Electric specifically as having higher center of gravity and sacrificing interior space as “converted” vehicles. The Volt shares its chassis with the Cruze, and the Ford Focus EV is based on, well you guessed it, the Ford Focus.

“The primary reasons to base an electric on a gasoline platform is to save money and race to market-both fair business objectives,” CR said. “But that approach smacks of lower commitment by those automakers to building electric cars.”

In contrast, CR likes the design philosophy of the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S better as these pack batteries low under the floor.

“The sleek Tesla Model S has impressive space efficiency, with a flat interior floor that’s wide open in front and gives generous legroom in the rear,” CR said. “It has a spacious hatchback big enough for a rear-facing third-row seat, and a trunk up front where the engine would go.”


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