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Canada: Save $17K by switching from gas: Kopperson

If your average motorist was told he could save $17,000 over the next decade without drastically changing his driving habits, he would likely take notice.
Well, that’s exactly what Brent Kopperson, founder of Aurora’s Windfall Ecology Centre, says is possible simply by switching to an electric vehicle.
Despite this, only 360 electric cars (not including hybrids) are being driven on Ontario’s roads.
Mr. Kopperson thinks his latest unveiling will go a long way toward changing this, not only in York Region, but across the province.
At the centre’s launch of the town’s first public car charger at the centre’s Sheppard’s Bush headquarters Wednesday, Mr. Kopperson said putting charging stations across the province would be one great leap toward meeting the McGuinty government’s carbon emission reduction targets, which hit 80 per cent by 2050.

“Every time someone switches to an electric vehicle from an internal combustion vehicle, we eliminate four tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year,” he said. “By switching to electric and using more public transport, we have the ability to meet those targets.”
The province is hoping about 5 per cent of drivers (about 370,000) will be in electric cars by the year 2020.

To reach this goal, the province is helping motorists buy electric cars by offering an $8,500 rebate on cars including the Nissan Leaf, which was on exhibit at the station’s launch.


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