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Answering the 10 biggest objections to electric cars

For the next wave of electric car buyers, the early followers who buy because early adopters say it’s okay, they have questions and doubts about electric cars that must be satisfied.

If the early adopters of electric cars are quickly being sold their electric car, who will make the next wave of electric car purchases? The early followers, or those who are the most influenced by early adopters to buy electric cars. There is a list of common ideas around electric cars that need to be answered for the early followers to grasp, and see that the water is fine, or that maybe next years models will be good enough for them.

Too expensive: The up-front purchase cost of electric cars is clearly more than for the equivalent gasoline car. There are several counter points to consider. The most clear point is that the operational cost for an electric car is much less than the operational cost for a gas car. Electricity, as a fuel, is much cheaper than gasoline, and electric cars require much less maintenance. There’s also an altruistic goal that will appeal to some, that buying an electric car encourages the car companies to manufacture more electric cars, increases electric car production volume, and if enough do so economies of scale should bring down the cost.

Limited range: Today’s electric cars offer a 100 mile or so range, and the automotive style to which we’ve become accustomed is the illusion of infinite range that’s available at the corner gas station. Electric cars simply do not provide that experience today, but is that a reason to discount them? First, understand your real driving needs, and choose a car to fit those needs. The majority of people drive 40 miles or less per day, making electric cars quite suitable for most people.


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