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Alternative Ideas for Greener Transportation

Will alternative energy ever become as popular as alternative music was in the 90s? Talking with Arnie Jensen, who co-owns an auto repair shop called El Camino Smog and Repair, I get a sense that alternative energy shifts in the automotive world are already happening, whether they are being noticed or not. In a video Arnie gives his views about the direction green cars are alreadymoving and where they are headed in the future.

Arnie compares different types of engines from steam to hydrogen to magnetic. He also explains the concept of an emissions-free engine. It shows how far alternative culture has come since Nirvana blasted onto the scene in 1991, ushering in an era of alternative culture. That was the year KWOD bega experimenting with alternative music. Arnie was a listener of the station in those adventurous days when it offered a wide selection of inventive music not found elsewhere on the radio dial. It’s an example how music can influence thinking in the world outside of music. Arnie is someone who thinks outside the box about cars of the future.


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