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USA: Special Hearing of the California Legislature on Electric Vehicles

What: Special Hearing of the California Legislature on Electric Vehicles
When: Friday May 18th, Session starts @ 10:00 (Arrive with your EV between
9:10 and 9:20AM)
Location: Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program
5019 Stevenson Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94538

Bring: Your Electric Vehicle & Informed Feedback / Questions (Your cars ARE the
informal EV display)
RSVP: If you can bring your Electric Vehicle (include which model)

On-site Contact: Malia Vella (Senator Corbett’s Office) / 510-590-8677 (Morning
of event ONLY for EV parking if it is not evident where to first EVs can park
when you arrive (follow the other EVs!)

Bay Area EV Supporters –

Relaying information about an important special “Remote Hearing” of the
California Legislature where you can listen to speakers and ask questions.

Goal is to have as many EV Owners / Drivers attend as possible so their
questions and feedback can be added to the discussion.

Please RSVP to me (paul.stith@…) so I can keep tabs on roughly how
many EVs to expect for the Senator’s office. Short notice but we are looking
for about two dozen vehicles to show support for this important session.



Senate Select Committee on Green Jobs, Solar, Wind and Clean Technologies

How can we grow this important, emerging industry?

Join us for a discussion of electric vehicles and how this industry is
progressing. What are the barriers to putting electric vehicles on the street?
What are the infrastructure challenges? What more can we do to encourage the
growth and development of electric vehicles and maximize the environmental

This hearing will feature experts and stakeholders from the electric vehicle
community, with manufacturers, industry executives and state and local
policymakers serving as panelists.

In addition, a variety of the latest electric vehicles will be showcased on

WHEN: Friday, May 18, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Mission Valley ROP
5019 Stevenson Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538


Informational Hearing – Select Committee on Green Jobs, Solar, Wind, and Clean

Senate Majority Leader Ellen M. Corbett
Electric Vehicle Deployment

Friday, May 18 10:00 am
Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program
5019 Stevenson Boulevard
Fremont, CA

Format: This will be an informational hearing. The informational hearing will
include a welcome and opening statement that will be given by Senate Majority
Leader Ellen Corbett and other attending Committee members, followed by three
panel presentations. Each panel presentation will last 40 to 45 minutes; each
panelist will give a five to seven minute presentation with the reminder of the
panel reserved for questions. There will be two 5 minute breaks between panels.
After the last panel, there will be public comment and a short closing

10:00 a.m. I. Welcome and opening comments by Senate Majority Leader Corbett
and other attending members

10:05 a.m. II. Introduction of Raj Salwan, Chair of the Fremont Chamber of
Commerce, and Gus Morrison, Mayor of Fremont

10:10 a.m. III. 1st Panel: Panel 1 – The State of California’s Electric Vehicle
Deployment. (45 minutes)

1. Carla Peterman (confirmed), Commissioner, California Energy Commission
2. Jessica Zenk (confirmed), Transportation Director, Silicon Valley Leadership
3. Diane Wittenberg (confirmed), Executive Director and Chairman, Plug-in
Electric Vehicle Collaborative
4. Eileen Wenger Tutt (confirmed), Executive Director, California Electric
Transportation Coalition
5. Dan Davids (confirmed) Chairman of the Board, Plug-in America

11:00 a.m. IV. 2nd Panel: Electric Vehicle Deployment: Manufacturers’
perspective (40 minutes)

1. David Peterson (confirmed), West Coast Project Manager, Corporate Planning,
Zero Emission Mobility, Nissan North America, Inc.
2. Geri Yoza (invited), National Manager, Business Planning, Toyota Motor Sales
3. John Boesel (confirmed), President, CALSTART
4. Shad Balch (confirmed) Manager, Environment & Energy Policy and
Communications. General Motors

11:45 p.m. V. 3rd Panel: Electric Vehicle Deployment: Infrastructure Issues (45

1. Colleen C. Quinn (invited), Vice President, Government Relations and Public
Policy, Coulomb Technologies, Inc.
2. Jan Berman (confirmed), Senior Director, Policy & Integrated Planning,
Pacific Gas & Electric
3. Dr. Sanjiv Malhotra (confirmed), President and CEO, Oorja Protonics
4. Terry O’Day (confirmed), Director, California Business Development, NRG EV
5. Robert Raymer, P.E. (confirmed), Senior Engineer, California Building
Industry Association

12:30 p.m. VI. Public Comment and Closing Statements
Source EAASV


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