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USA: The e6 electric crossover from China’s BYD will arrive in the US’ fleets in 2013

We all know how frightened the world was when they head the Chinese will be making cars. Everyone panicked, fearing that the world market will be invaded by cheap and unreliable cars. Meanwhile, all that proved to be nothing short of mumbo-jumbo talk, something akin to conspiracy theories. Those fears and worries concerned both combustion engine and electric powered cars. While in the former case everything is mostly paranoid speculation, the latter might actually hold some truth; a small quantity of it anyway.

The Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD has been trying to get its e6 electric crossover in the US for some time now, and it seems that goal is nearing completion. The matter has faded away from public discussion, but tests have been carried out with the Los Angeles Housing Authority on a fleet wide level. At the same time, BYD is hoping for its car to get certified and finally be able to sell it in the US.

Appealing to fleets is the first step the Chinese are taking on the path on introducing the e6 to Americans. According to The New York Times, 2013 is expected to be the year the crossover will go on sale. The first targeted customers will be rental-car companies.


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