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USA: Solar Panel Plan Offsets Demand By Electric Cars

TADEA, the Billingham-based sustainability company, ushered in an electric vehicle charging revolution when it launched its pioneering EVPV (Electric Vehicle PhotoVoltaic) project in January.

The initiative is a pioneering infrastructure project whereby solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed to offset the electricity demand created when charging electric vehicles.

The idea is simple tadea provide free solar photovoltaic panels and electric car charger installations on designated premises (subject to suitability, planning and distribution network approvals).

Those organisations which sign up to hosting an EVPV site can reduce energy costs and carbon emissions while establishing valuable partnerships and generating a positive reputation. Tadea cover the costs and risks of installation and maintenance.
The groundbreaking project is helping to ensure that, in the North East already one of the UK’s leaders in the electric vehicle field low-carbon electric vehicle transportation is getting greener all the time.

Malcolm Potter is tadea’s renewables project manager. He said: “The EVPV project is revolutionising the way we power electric vehicles, and it is significantly boosting the environmental credentials of this increasingly popular mode of transportation.
“When EVPV was launched, it marked the beginning of a very exciting period. We are harnessing the power of renewable energy to offset the electricity demand required for charging electric vehicles, and we want to make sure that more and more electric vehicles are powered in this way.

“This project is not just good news for tadea as a business, but also as part of the concerted effort to cut carbon emissions across the region.”
The project was officially launched at RMB Toyota, Stockton the site of the first charging point in the EVPV network. Richard McVay is the commercial and sales director there. He said: “EVPV is win-win all the way for RMB Toyota. We will reduce costs and reduce our environmental impact while increasing our employee, customer and business partners’ knowledge of the latest technologies.


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