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USA: Savannah garage offers first electric car charging stations

The sleek black hatchback glides silently into a parking slot at the Whitaker Street garage.

Charles Davis has just driven the 18 miles from his Effingham County home without using any gasoline, and thanks to three new electric charging stations the city has installed at the garage, Davis will get back home fossil-fuel free, too.

“Now I can top it off (with electricity) at the Whitaker Street garage and make it all the way home without topping it off with gas,” he said. “If I lived in Savannah, I wouldn’t even need a gas engine.”

Davis, president of The Earth Comfort Co., is confident the city’s decision to add the stations is part of a larger, unstoppable move toward electric cars.

A year ago, when he bought his Chevrolet Volt, he went all the way to Houston to get it.

Three months ago, when Richard Claar decided a Volt was for him, he went to Vaden Chevrolet on Abercorn.

“I think in five years we’ll see more and more of these,” Claar said. “It’s perfect. I haven’t bought a drop of gas since.”

The Volt can drive 44 miles on a single charge, but it has a back-up gas generator that charges the battery when it’s low. The energy from braking also feeds into the battery. Claar says with one tank of gas and a full charge, he can get 400 miles.


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