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USA: San Jose Mercury News – May 12th Hybrids to Hot Rods – Sign Up Links

Bay Area Electric Vehicle Supporters –

Changing how the world drives is hard work. Please do your part to spread the “EV Grin” wider than ever by accepting your mission and following these simple steps:

[Assignment #1 – Register your car today! Complete instructions below]
[Assignment #2 – Forward this email to EVERY Bay Plug-In Driver you know]
[Assignment #3 – Start inviting all of your friends and family to the show who are not yet EV Drivers. They will thank you later.]

Updates on how the show is shaping up and the registration links…

The site is still coming together but wanted you to know the Mercury News has FULLY embraced promoting Electric Vehicles. When you visit the site you will see they are committed to “Electric Avenue” the concept to the point of it becoming a major feature of the show… They also picked up a nice tagline “The future is here. Drive it.” that I rather like.

Check out the site and updates as it comes together – There’s a fun picture of Gary and Mike on the “About” page showing the Electric vs. Gas debate. This first chance to show Silicon Valley in a huge way right along side ICE cars that Electric is the best choice. If you click on the CODA splash page it take to a page under construction titled and promising over 100 Electric Vehicles!

>>>> BAY AREA EV DRIVERS – THOSE ARE YOUR CARS! <<<< Right now we are still short cars so if you have not already registered your car… please do so today! This is going to be very fun event for the whole family – food music, bounce houses and of course lot of great cars with as many EV surprises as we can bring to the show. Please be sure to use the links below to register and follow instructions completely so we can account for your car and save your VIP parking space. Our form also collects details about your charging needs. Registration includes VIP parking with the rest of the electric vehicles, free lunch and a goodie bag. Display cars need to arrive @ 8:00 and the show goes until 5:00. Hybrids to Hotrods - Saturday, May 12th - San Jose Mercury News **** Electric Vehicle Display Organized by: Bay Area Electric Auto Association Chapters & San Francisco Bay Area LEAF Enthusiasts **** Required Registration Steps: 1. Fill out the PDF form and submit per its instructions. The form can be found here: 2. Go to the link to our separate on-line tracking form and provide your name and email/phone minimum. The link is here: 3. We will contact you with instructions on when to arrive. Please note charging will not be available a the event. We are encouraging owners to take advantage of the numerous chargers in the region to top off before or after the event as well as connect with other owners who live near by. Based on needs we are also working with some EV friendly employers with larger deployments of chargers to open up their charging on the day of the event. Please contact me if you want your company's chargers to be added to that list More EAASV


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