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USA: Road trip! Electric vehicle-aficionados charged up to drive cross-country

Courtesy Men’s Health
This Ford Focus Electric is traveling from New York City to the Santa Monica Pier in California in the Electric Car Challenge, organized by Men’s Health magazine.

By Rob Lovitt, contributor

With the national average price of a gallon of gas approaching $4, you could be forgiven for thinking that the great American road trip is a thing of the past. But for a team of drivers about to drive from New York to Los Angeles, it’s a thing of the future.

Organized by Men’s Health magazine, the 2012 Electric Car Challenge (ECC) proposes to set a new record by making the roughly 3,000-mile trip without stopping at a single gas station.

“We love road trips and this is an excuse to have a different kind of trip,” said Eric Adams, a senior editor at the magazine and a member of the Challenge team. To accomplish the feat, the trip will utilize a 2012 Ford Focus Electric, require an estimated 40 to 55 recharging stops and rely on crowdsourcing and the kindness of others to ensure a dead battery doesn’t doom the effort.

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While this isn’t the first multi-state, long-distance trip in an electric car – that honor belongs to Arizona Public Service and the Mars II Electric Car that went from Detroit to Phoenix over 15 days and 37 recharging stops back in 1967 – it aims to go farther in less time.

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“It’ll be a ‘speed’ record in name only,” said Adams, who expects the team to reach the Santa Monica Pier in 10 to 12 days. Along the way, the team expects to promote various adventures — fitness challenges, environmental missions, etc. — during each 2- to 4-hour charging session.

For better or worse, they’ll also highlight the challenges that stand in the way of wide-scale acceptance of electric vehicles (EV). Chief among them: so-called “range anxiety,” the fear that you’ll run out of juice without a charging station in sight.

“Electric cars at this point are pretty much commuter vehicles,” said Carroll Lachnit, features editor at “It’s really difficult [to go further] because the infrastructure isn’t there yet.”

The Focus Electric, for example, has an EPA-estimated range of 76 miles, basically enough to get the team from New York to Bethlehem, Pa. At that point, they’ll either have to locate a public charging station or find a business or homeowner with 240V power — a clothes dryer outlet will do — and a willingness to share.


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