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USA: Quick Charge / List of Level 2 and CHAdeMO vendor contacts

Quick Charger hardware – Nissan QC:
I just got off the phone with one of the charger distributors and learned
that we’ll probably see an announcement on the availability of the Nissan QC
in the next 30 days.

With the Nissan unit coming in at about $10,000, and the next cheapest
option being $30,000+, we should watch for the Nissan QC unit announcement
unless a site is ready to proceed very quickly. There’s also some grant
money tied to certain charging vendors, but there’s enough different grant
programs that the Nissan QC will probably be allowed in one or more of the
grants. There will also be some negotiation on availability of the Nissan QC
since I’m sure initial demand will exceed production for a few months. The
Nissan QC may be fairly flexible in terms of input voltages (208 VAC 3
phase, 480 VAC 3 phase, maybe single phase?) but we won’t know for sure
until the final specifications are released in the next 30 days or so.

The good news it that the Nissan QC IS progressing, and we are very CLOSE to
the announcement!

I also heard one of the reasons QC is so prevalent in Japan is that they
started with the idea of QC being essential to EV deployment and many people
in Japan do not have the option of charging at home, which is often an

Mike Thompson
7.2 kW Solar Electric (PV) Electric Vehicles: 1999 NiMH GM EV1, 2002 Toyota
RAV4 EV, 2011 Nissan LEAF
Carbon Neutral since 2010
Source BayLeaf mailing list.


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