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USA: Plug In America’s RAV-4 EV Auction

If you wanted to bid on our last RAV-4EV auction but missed your chance, we have
good news for you. The car from the previous auction is still available. The
deal from the previous auction did not go through and the car has been relisted.
As you may recall, we received thiscar and charger as a generous donation and we
are thrilled to have an opportunity to raise much needed funds for our movement
while getting a new driver into an electric car!

You can find the auction listing on eBay
if you are interested in bidding on the RAV-4 EV and supporting Plug In America.
At the bottom of this email you will find all of the information on the car
which is also in the eBay listing.The listing will be available for 10 days and
the auction ends on April 21st. Any questions about the car can be directed to
info@pluginamerica. org

Now is your chance to drive an EV and support Plug In America at the same time!


Marc Geller

*Specifications on the Car:**

* **2002 Toyota RAV4-EV
* Very limited edition 2WD Toyota built all-Electric Vehicle version of the
popular gas-powered RAV4
* 74,395 miles
* Purchased used from first owner 05/05/2007 for $42,500 with 56,000 miles
(only put on 18K miles in 5 years)
* 100% non-smoking drivers (first and 2nd owner)
* Battery back reconditioned by Toyota’s authorized service group, Battery MD,
on 3/6/2010 for $6,500. All maintenance done by Toyota, records included.

*RAV4 EV Specs:*

* Certified Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV)
* Battery pack – 27.3 kWh Advanced nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)
* Top speed – 78 mph (electronically limited)
* Driving range – 80-100 miles. 80 on Highways, 100 City
* 0-60 mph – In 18 seconds
* 50kW Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor
* Toyota Induction Charging system – Requires dedicated circuit at 208 to 240V
and at least 24A (typically 40A)
* On-board charge controller
* Brakes: Power-assisted front disc/rear drum ABS with blended regenerative
* Curb weight (lbs.): 3,440
* Cargo volume (cu. ft.) 31.4 behind rear seats
* Dual air bag supplemental restraint system
* Side-impact door beams
* 4-wheel anti-lock brake system (ABS)
* Low tire pressure warning system
* Concealed spare tire (under car where gas tank would be)
* Heated and tinted windshield
* Halogen multi-reflector headlamps
* Front and rear intermittent wipers
* Fully reclining front and rear seats
* Heat pump-type CFC-Free air conditioning
* Power windows, door locks, and mirrors
* Heated driver and front passenger seats
* Rear window defogger
* Control panel with pre-heat and pre-cool cabin function
* Cup holder


* White Clean Air Stickers allow the vehicle to be operated by a single
occupant in the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) (carpool or diamond) lanes of
California’s freeways. See Vehicle Code (VC) §§5205.5 and 21655.9. These
stickers are valid through January 1, 2015.
* Audiovox Keyless entry with two remotes
* Professionally installed Alpine IVA-D105 in-dash DVD/CD receiver with Alpine
NVE-N872A Navigation system ($4,000 system new)
* RAV4INFO installed on Palm M515 connected ODB2 port for power and data.
Allows you to monitor many aspects of the RAV4s systems including actual
state of charge (SOC), Battery temperatures, regenerative braking, volts,
amps, kW, whrs.
* “REAL EV” Custom California license plate with Yosemite Foundation background
* Toyota stand for Charger included as well as original wall mount hardware
* Toyota RAV4 EV factory service manual
* Accutire MS-4359B Remote Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with 4
Electronic Valve Caps and Programming Tire Pressure Gauge

See the Auction Listing.

Note: This auction is being managed by Plug In America, who will receive the
proceeds. However, the car was made available by a private party who will be
handling the financial transaction and donating the funds to Plug In America.


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