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USA: Nissan Leaf Vs. Ford Focus Electric: Compare Cars

So you want an all-electric car–but maybe you’re not so keen on having one as distinctive as the Nissan Leaf. Should you consider the Ford Focus Electric?

That depends. The two battery electric vehicles offer different answers to the same question: What should a compact electric hatchback look like?

The Nissan Leaf is a dedicated design, with its lithium-ion battery designed into the floorpan and the area under the rear seat. Its styling is distinctive–with no grille up front and lengthy clear headlight units stretching back along the fender line that are topped with aerodynamic fins–and, to some, polarizing.

The Ford Focus Electric, on the other hand, is adapted from the conventional Focus five-door hatchback, and aside from a different “grille” design up front, a couple of door badges, and a charge-port door on the left-front fender, you’d never know it wasn’t a gasoline car.

So you can decide whether you want a car whose design says, “Hey, I’m electric!” or one that hides its plug-in running gear in an utterly conventional body shared with a gasoline compact.


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