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USA: Nissan Leaf promotion in North Bay Nissan, San Francisco Bay Area.

I just received the following from Dale Miller, President of the Golden Gate EVA. If you know anyone in the market for a LEAF (or a 2nd one for yourselves), check this out. EAA Chapter heads please forward to your respective membership.

North Bay Nissan is committed to reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution as well as reducing the U.S. dependence on imported oil by helping drivers switch to electric vehicles. In order to support those goals North Bay Nissan has notified Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association that it is offering a special 7% discount off MSRP on all of the all-electric Nissan LEAFs in stock. Contact North Bay Nissan at or 877-818-6866 for more information.

Dale and I were comparing notes from last month’s joint meeting. He had a report that we had 110 attendees altogether. Quite a success, I’d say. We agreed to coordinate for our next joint meeting—should be good.

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