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USA: New electric vehicle charger installed in Coronado!

Just saw that two new electric vehicle charging stations have been installed next to City Hall! These Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (or EVSE’s) stations made by “Blink” are being offered FOR FREE through a grant administered by a company called Ecotality.

A hearty THANK YOU to our forward-thinking City Council and the staff who worked on setting this up! Now let’s get some MORE!! 😉

The grant was supposed to end last January, but Ecotality found that for some reason they couldn’t give away enough of these EVSE’s in the time originally allotted so they’ve extended the grant until the end of the year. I think the City and businesses in Coronado should jump on getting as many of these installed in Coronado as possible before the free money runs out or some other city gobbles up the quota. Plus–your business then shows up on the map of all the electric vehicle charging locations both in online web searches, on mapping programs, on many smartphone applications and on the built-in navigation systems in the electric vehicles themselves! The Grand Del Mar has put some in, the Lodge at Torrey Pines, the Hyatt Aventine in La Jolla, office buildings, shopping centers, almost all the local Colleges and Universities, etc.

I just got an all electric Nissan LEAF in December (at Pacific Nissan in PB) and I LOVE it. It’s zippy, comfy, spacious, clean, green, and completely quiet. My wife and I fight over who gets to drive it when I’m off duty. Electric is the future of transportation and there are more all electric models being released every year. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Here’s the deal: the EVSE stations themselves are free, as well as most if not all of the cost of installation (simple installs would likely be fully covered, unless you need a long run of conduit to bring power to the unit or you have to upgrade your panel, etc.). The grant also pays for all the power until the end of 2013. After 2013 they become your property and you can then do with them whatever you want: if you don’t like them, Ecotality will come and remove them for free. If you decide to keep them, you can also decide if you want to charge for access to the electricity or not. You can keep them free for the public to use (for the few kWH’s that might be used while stopping by) or you can charge by the hour for the charging time.


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