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USA: ‘Meet-up’ offers electric car owners chance to compare

Fran and Larry Goldberg of Hillsdale can’t help beaming when they talk about the car they got two weeks ago – they say it’s smooth, nimble, quiet and best of all, uses zero gas.


Phil Galati of Morris County, right, shows off his Ford Ranger electric conversion.

Their sparkling white BMW is an electric model they say can go about 80 miles before petering out. The Goldbergs plug it in at their house at night and it’s raring to go in the morning.

As new converts, they had plenty of company Sunday morning at a “meet-up” of 30 electric cars from around New Jersey at a Montclair pizza parlor’s parking lot. Dozens of passersby checked them out, poking under hoods and asking about mileage.

The Goldbergs said they weren’t zealots about living green, but cared deeply about helping America become less dependent on foreign fuels. As Fran Goldberg, a retired lawyer, put it, “I love the idea that even if it’s from coal, the people getting the coal and making electricity happen are Americans.”


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