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USA: Local Family Goes To Bat For Chevy Volt

DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) How do you charge a Chevy Volt? Ask 12-year-old Ariana and 14-year-old Aliya Khan, sisters from Northville who took it upon themselves to create a series of videos promoting the Detroit-made electric vehicle.

They’re unpaid, but they seem to relish the job.

“We charge it every day, at night, and then if we’re at home, we can plug it in again and it’s no additional charge,” Aliya Khan told Charlie Langton during a visit to his 1270 Talk Radio morning show where they outlined why they’re doing what they’re doing.

The girls, with father Farris Khan, started a blog called bobbleheadguru, where they promote the electric vehicle.

“We, like, research together,” Ariana Khan said, adding, “I want to write a book.”

A book about the Volt? Langton asked “Maybe” she responded, adding, “I’d write that it’s a good experience and I’d describe the Volt.”

Dad Farris Khan, a database analyst at an Ann Arbor firm, explained they started the family project to help the girls learn how to research a topic and to spend time together. The family pays $499 a month to lease the Volt, including taxes, and they use 15,000 miles a year. He figures they save $140 a month in gas.



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