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USA: ITT shows off electric vehicle charging connector at eCarTec show

ITT Interconnect Solutions showed off its J1772 high-reliability electric vehicle charging connector at eCarTec today in Porte de Versailles, Paris, France. Based on HEP spring contact technology and capable of performing Level I and II charging from a low end of 15A/120V to a high end range of 75A/240V through the same interface, the J1772 is the electric vehicle industry’s first UL-rated J1772 Level II 75 amp four hour or less full charging solution.

Charging options include 75A/240V, 30A/240V, 15A/240V and 15A/120V. The inlet connector includes finger-tip protection on the power and ground pin contacts and also features an enhanced cable management system using ITT’s VEAM CIR series backshells. By using cable with a greater degree of flexibility, ease-of-use is assured on retractable design charging units. The J1772 EV connector is now used by most EVSE players including AV, Schneider Electric, BYD, Clipper Creek and in several other charging station devices


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