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USA: How to get tax breaks on your car

(MoneyWatch) Whether you are a last-minute filer for 2011 or a forward-looking tax planner for 2012, don’t forget potential tax breaks on your car, especially if you use it for business.

Deductions for business driving are long-established. But an even bigger tax break — a tax credit for buying an electric car — has become politically charged. Subsidies for the Chevrolet Volt may be under attack in Washington, but for now the tax savings for buyers are real. The Volt and competitor Nissan Leaf both qualify for a $7,500 tax credit. That comes straight off your tax bill — not just a deduction from income. In addition, the soon-available Ford Focus Electric and Mitisubishi i-MiEV made the government list of qualified vehicles.

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In addition, some states also have incentives for buyers of electric vehicles. To check your state, click here. If you bought an electric car in 2011, make sure you claim your credit. But if you are just considering it, the question remains: Do savings on gas make up for the higher purchase price of electrics even after the tax credits?

Business use of your car

More mundane but still crucial to filing your taxes are the deductions for business use of your car — especially if you are self-employed. As with much involving taxes, careful record-keeping is crucial. That’s especially true if you use the same vehicle for both business and personal travel, because you need to be able to prove exactly how much driving was for specific business reasons.


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