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USA: Here’s why people dislike Chevy Volt

To the letter writer who wondered why “The Right” dislikes the Chevy Volt, I offer my two cents worth. (April 27: “Why does the ‘right’ dislike the GM Volt?”)
First, I wish to congratulate the writer’s success that he can afford to choose between BMWs and the Volt. Everyone has the right to rise in this country.
The problem with the Volt is that it is so expensive, it simply is out of reach of many Americans.

But to try to make it more affordable, let’s take taxpayers’ hard-earned money and subsidize it to the tune of $7,500 each.

The simple fact is the federal government has no business trying to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. Studies have indicated that to be cost effective, gas prices would need to be $12.50 per gallon.


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