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USA: GreenCar. Self-serve, hourly & green.

Let’s face it, when you arrive in paradise after a long flight, the last thing you want to do is hassle with a rental car. It’s much easier to take a shuttle or taxi straight to your hotel, then rent a car when – and only when – you need one. That’s where we come in. We’re GreenCar Hawaii, the convenient, cost-effective and green alternative to traditional car rental.
With GreenCar, you can rent a car on-demand through our self-serve platform right from your hotel. No waiting in long lines. No complicated reservations. No exorbitant rates, fuel expenses or parking fees. Just reserve, grab and go. And because it’s by the hour or day; you are not paying for a car sitting idle in the hotel parking lot. On top of all that, you’re doing the planet a favor.

It’s easy on you, your wallet and the environment.
You can rent a GreenCar clean-energy vehicle (CEV) for just $15/hour*, including FREE gas or electrons (EVs). You only pay for the time you use. Or rent a GreenCar for the day (rates vary $95 – $115+)* and keep it for a full 12 hours.

And not to brag, but the GreenCar fleet also has some pretty cool onboard amenities at no extra charge. It’s our belief that renting a car should be easy – not painful – and the ride should be fun.


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