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USA: Ford shows off Focus EV

In addition to our propensity to adopt environmental technologies early, there are some other, less obvious reasons that Ford is targeting San Franciscans with its first all-electric offering, the Ford Focus Electric.

For one thing, the Focus gets better mileage-per-charge in stop-and-go conditions than it does on long stretches of highway. The reason: braking in a Focus Electric recharges the batteries.

“This is a big city with a lot of urban drivers,” said Kevin Layden, director of electrification programs and engineering at Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F)

One could argue San Francisco is one of the the stop-and-goiest cities out there and I proved it on a three mile test drive today, during which I gained 5 miles in battery range with efficient braking. Go me. (ALSO- see more pics of the Focus features by clicking the picture at the top).

By the same logic, the Focus also does well in hilly terrain, since energy expended to power the car up a hill, can be recaptured on the way down a hill when slowing the vehicle.

A screen on the dashboard rates your braking efficiency and at the end of your drive, tells you how well you did. I recaptured 94 percent of the energy I spent accelerating during braking. Not too shabby, but it’s possible to get 100 percent.

San Francisco also has a lot of public charge stations and Ford’s EV app can locate those, and tell if you it’s in use, and whether it’s free or you have to pay to charge there.

Ford Focus gets about 105-miles-per-gallon equivalent and about a 76-mile battery range, according to the EPA. The all-electric Focus will be available this Spring to regular consumers (I pointed out that it is Spring, but Ford says regular customers can’t get them yet), and it is available to commercial customers already.


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