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USA: Evanston Electric Car Charging Stations Planned to Open in Early June

By the beginning of June, Evanston residents will likely have access to several new solar-powered, electrical-vehicle charging spaces at three locations around town.

I-Go, a Chicago-based nonprofit car sharing business, will begin building ‘solar canopies’ at three Evanston locations on April 16, and construction is expected to last six weeks. Each canopy will have four charging stations — two to recharge I-Go owned low emission electric vehicles, which the company recently added to its fleet, and two where anyone driving an electric car can charge up for a fee.

The solar canopies will be located in parking lots three blocks west of the Central Street Metra station (Lot 3), behind the Evanston Public Library (Lot 4) and on Hinman Avenue just south of Main Street (Lot 32).

The three canopies combined will produce 200,000 kilowatt-hours annually, enough to power electric vehicles for 600,000 miles, according to the City of Evanston website. Earlier I-Go reports stated that each canopy will create an average of 30 to 35 kilowatt-hours per day.

“Transportation emissions are the third largest contributor of greenhouse gasses in the community and the I-Go car sharing program helps to reduce emissions, congestion on the road and parking demands,” said Catherine Hurley, sustainable programs coordinator for the City of Evanston, in a post on the city’s website.


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