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USA: Entrepreneur Dreams: An Electric Road Trip

If GOe3 founder Bruce Brimacombe has anything to say about it, an all-electric Tesla Roadster will soon drive cross country. Today, the green energy startup announced the unveiling of the first 50 of its electric vehicle charging stations expected to span the entire nation within three years.

When green energy entrepreneur Bruce Brimacombe arrived in New York on Wednesday as part of an Earth Week trip, one of the first things he did was to check into room 3327 at the New Yorker Hotel—the suite where his childhood hero, Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the Tesla coil, lived for a decade.

The 6’3,” 250-pound Arizonan has a handshake that could crush a coconut and—Big Apple or not—he stuck to his cowboy boots. Brimacombe also has an eclectic resume that includes working as a trained marine biologist, an electric car drag-racer, and a former securities trader specializing in initial public offerings and small business capitalization, but he’s an entrepreneur through and through. He launched a Web 1.0 company that earned $16 million in sales its first year, and later this year, he’s producing a reality TV show. But his current effort involves electric cars.

Today, he announced that his latest company, GOe3, the green energy platform of which he is both the chief executive and founder, is unveiling the first 50 charging stations of a network of 500 charging stations due to span the entire country in less than 36 months.

A demo of the first station, the beginning of the line so to speak, will be held tomorrow at Biosphere 2 to celebrate Earth Day.

“Biosphere 2 is a mecca for research, which is why we chose it as the location for the GOe3 launch,” said Brimacombe. “Because of its association with the University of Arizona, Biosphere 2 has the will and talent to not only provide us with a platform to test how our chargers function when powered by solar and other forms of renewable energy; but also give our partners, students, and researchers a medium for collaboration to discover and share answers on real world applications.”

In a interview with, Nate Allen a scientist and sustainability coordinator at Biosphere 2, said he was excited at the opportunity the partnership allowed for him to discuss electric vehicles with the 100,000 visitors Biosphere 2 hosts every year.

“When they bump into scientists like me they can ask questions—no press, no politics—just go straight to the scientist,” he said. “We think this partnership with GOe3 is a great example of the massive benefits afforded when private companies and educational institutions partner.”

Brimacombe said he knows that for America to be energy independent, a founding principle of GOe3, green technology has got to be more than just environmentally friendly.

“This isn’t about tree hugging,” Brimacombe told “It’s about making a profit.”

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