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USA: ENERGY: San Diego to get 20 fast charging stations under state settlement

Electric vehicle charging stations stand in a parking lot at San Diego’s Balboa Park. Photo courtesy of City of Encinitas
6 hours ago • By ERIC WOLFF Comments
San Diego County will get 20 “fast charging” stations as part of a settlement between state regulators and NRG Energy Inc., the California Public Utilities Commission said Friday.

The $120 million settlement stems from 10-year-long negotiation between NRG and the commission over power purchase agreements dating back to 2001. As part of the settlement, NRG will install 200 fast charging stations throughout the state, 20 percent of which will be in low-income areas. None of the stations are slated for Riverside County. Fast charging stations can restore Nissan’s all-electric Leaf from empty to full charge in 24 minutes, Nissan officials said.

NRG must also install 1,000 smaller charging stations in the state —- which recharge a Leaf in 6 to 22 hours, depending on the charger —- to provide charging capacity for up to 10,000 vehicles. The stations must be open to the public for at least 5 years.


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