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USA: Electric cars get a boost with new charging stations

More planned for Lone Star College–CyFair as interest grows
The companies ECOtality and eVgo are seeing the fruits of their labor as efforts to install electric car charging stations around Houston have come full circle in the past few months. In Cy-Fair, the first charging station opened last fall, and more are in the works for this year.
“I think people are fascinated when they see our charging stations,” said Dave Aasheim, area manager for ECOtality. “It gets them thinking beyond gas-powered vehicles. Everyone has heard about them, but seeing them become mainstream helps them understand these are real vehicles.”
Charging stations
Last September, eVgo rolled out plans to open 50 charging stations around Houston this year. One of the first locations to open was in Northwest Houston last fall, outside a Walgreens at Beltway 8 and West Road.
“We wanted to provide a solution to folks driving on 290 and the Beltway,” said Arun Banskota, eVgo president. “That Walgreens has very convenient on and off access. The other reason is because for many folks it’s on the way to the airport.”
Another eVgo station is in the planning phase for the Jersey Village area, near Hwy. 290 and West Road.
“We want to make it as easy as possible for [electric vehicle] owners to travel around,” Banskopa said. “We’re studying driving patterns, and online we provide folks options on where to put the next stations, so there could be more along 290.”


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