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USA: Electric-car charging stations starting to multiply

Electric-vehicle owners in the Orlando area will soon have more public car-charging stations at their disposal, all at Walgreens drugstores.

Between six and nine charging stations will pop up at Orlando-area Walgreens within the next month, courtesy of Car Charging Group, an electric-vehicle service company based in Miami. The company installed stations at two Walgreens last October, one on International Drive in south Orange County, the other in Kissimee on east Osceola Parkway.

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The locations of the new stations weren’t disclosed.

The stations are compatible with all electric vehicles produced in North America and cost 4 cents a minute to use, with a minimum 15 minutes of charging required, according to Ted Fagenson, Car Charging Group’s chief operations officer.

Charging at a public station is more expensive than charging a car at home, Fagenson said, but in exchange drivers have the convenience of being able to recharge when and where they need it.

“You do the majority of charging at home, but when you’re out and about it’s a good top-off service,” he said.


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