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USA: Earth Day 2012 New York Features Bob Lutz and New Full Size Electric Truck by VIA Motors

NEW YORK, NY, Apr 21, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — What do Earth Day and Bob Lutz have in common? America’s muscle car icon is also known for America’s cleanest vehicles, the Chevy Volt and now the world’s first extended range electric (eREV) pick-up truck by VIA Motors. The new electric truck was featured at the Earth Day Celebration in New York City. Automotive legend Bob Lutz took the stage in Times Square to introduce the new electric vehicles featured in the event’s EV showcase. His new favorite is the extended range electric pick-up truck by VIA Motors, promising over 100 mpg, and it is the first electric offering in the country’s most popular category, full size trucks & sport utility vehicles.

“We were very pleased to have Bob Lutz and the new VIA electric truck featured at the Earth Day NYC event this year,” said Joanna Black, General Manager of the event. “Electric vehicles are the center piece of the Earth Day celebration, and it was inspiring to see the commitment of industry leaders like Bob Lutz to electric vehicles.”

The over-riding theme of many 2012 Earth Day celebrations across the country has been the electric vehicle, marked by the emergence of several new electric models this year. VIA’s electric truck was featured at the annual Earth Day event, and on CNN, Good Day New York, Fox News and others.

“Extended range electric vehicles like VIA’s VTRUX are simply more practical today, and overcome the ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma regarding charging stations that EVs face,” said Bob Lutz. “That’s why the Volt now outsells the all-electric Nissan Leaf by about four to one,” Lutz added.

VIA’s electric VTRUX share the same practical strategy as the Chevy Volt, adding a small gas-generator that allows unlimited long distance driving. With the typical American car averaging less than 40 miles a day, the 40-mile battery pack can capture up to 70% or more of the vehicle miles using no gas at all. This simple advantage enables it to deliver a majority of miles emission-free, while over-coming the severely sales limiting “range anxiety” associated with all-electric vehicles.

The conspicuous new “volt-style” full-size electric truck marks a new phase for electric vehicles, finally breaking into the mainstream market. Surprisingly, former gas-guzzling trucks & SUVs are poised to lead the EV movement by redeeming a faster economic “pay back” due to a greater improvement in fuel economy, while saving owners hundreds of dollars in gas each month. The former highest “users” of gas now become highest “savers,” with a powerful environmental windfall.

With the pick-up truck known as the “work horse” of America, and the undisputed number-one selling vehicle, the focus is shifting from small electric cars to full-size electric trucks that can capture a faster economic return, in spite of their higher incremental price. VIA’s offering suggests that electric technology is now ready to power every size car on the road.

VIA’s new electric truck is a top-selling pick-up, modified by VIA, adding VIA’s proprietary eREV power train technology. VIA currently sells directly to America’s top fleets, who are leading the electrification movement in larger vehicles, due to rising gas prices, and the fleets’ ability to recognize the lower total cost of ownership, in spite of the higher purchase price.

“This technology offers a much needed bridge to an electric future, delivering up to 70% electrification and reduced emissions today, requiring little more than an extension cord,” Lutz continued. “More electric cars on the road today will drive the demand for more charging stations in the future,” concluded Lutz.

“The excitement over VIA’s electric truck was shared by the media and the crowd gathered for Earth Day here in New York, as video of Mr. Lutz and the new electric truck were displayed on the famous jumbo screens in Times Square,” added Ms. Black.

About VIA Motors VIA Motors is a privately held electric vehicle development and manufacturing company. VIA has developed a proprietary 650-volt eREV drive system technology designed for full size trucks and SUVs called the VIA V-Drive(TM). VIA employs a streamlined second stage manufacturing process to integrate its proprietary eREV power train into new OEM vehicles, then sells directly to fleets under the VTRUX(TM) brand name. VIA VTRUX deliver up to 40-mile EV range and up to 400-mile extended range, averaging over 100 mpg in typical daily driving. Initially, VIA plans to sell directly to fleets, then later to consumers. VIA plans to scale its technology to many other vehicles and plans to ramp up production over the next few years, adding additional models and sizes. More information on VIA Motors may be found at: To see a video on VTRUX with Bob Lutz go to

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