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USA: DoE-funded Fisker Comes Back for More

Fisker Automotive, the Department of Energy–funded company which produces a luxury plug-in hybrid, was most famous for its decision to build its federally-funded phaeton, the Karma, in Finland — and the product itself hasn’t exactly been lauded, even by the New York Times. Now, though, they’re hoping to begin production in the U.S. on a new model, but

need more money to do so, and are looking to the feds for a lot of it. The Times reports:

Fisker Automotive’s huge assembly plant in Delaware stands vacant, waiting for the money, equipment and workers to make a new plug-in hybrid electric car backed by loans from the federal government. But whether Fisker, a start-up based in California, ever builds vehicles in the United States is anyone’s guess.

On Tuesday night, Fisker’s top executives showed journalists in New York a prototype version of the car that it hopes to build in Delaware. The first showing of the car, the Fisker Atlantic, was aimed at convincing skeptics that the company has staying power, and at persuading the Energy Department to resume the loans critical to Fisker’s future. .


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