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USA: Discontinued 2011 Think City Electric Cars For Sale: $22,500

In retrospect, it may be that a 10-year-old design for a plastic-bodied two-seat electric minicar was not what the U.S. market wanted.

Especially at a list price of $35,495, higher than that of a brand-new 2011 Nissan Leaf, which had twice as many seats, twice as many doors, a longer range, and a known brand name.

But now’s your chance to own a new 2011 Think City minicar for less.

A lot less.

There are roughly 150 brand-new cars for sale nationwide, at a price of $22,500.

The 2011 Think City is eligible both for a $7,500 Federal income-tax credit and a $2,500 California purchase rebate, bringing the post-incentive cost down to $12,500.

As a zero-emission vehicle, the City is also eligible to use high-occupancy vehicle lanes with just a single occupant in California and other jurisdictions.

The cars are being liquidated following the bankruptcy of Think Global last June, and the shutdown of Think’s U.S. assembly plant located in a former RV plant in Elkhart, Indiana.

PHOTO GALLERY: Think Assembly Plant Tour, Indiana (March 2011)

Think now has a new owner, Russian lumber baron Boris Zingarevich, who was also the majority shareholder in Ener1, which had a stake in Think. Ener1–which owned Think’s battery supplier, EnerDel–followed Think into bankruptcy in January.


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