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USA: Charging Locators – GPS-enabled iPhone and iPad Apps – 1,300 USA locations added (Updated 4/28/2012)


In partnership with Web Where LLC, has updated the content
of the USA charging locations, adding 1,300 more USA charging locations

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EVCharger Locator 1.0 for electric charging stations in the U.S. and UK markets

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  • Charging locations updates history
    1. 11/2010 60 US locations added
    2. 12/2010 45 US locations added.
    3. 2/13/2011 88 US locations added.
    4. 4/23/2011 118 USA locations added
    5. 6/5/2011 200 USA locations added.
    6. 9/10/2011 600 USA locations added. (total 1,649 locations, mostly in the USA)
    7. 1/25/2012 400 USA locations added (Total more than 2,000)
    8. 4/28/2012 1,300 USA locations added (total more than 3,200)

    It is based on Google-map, has a route map (showing locations along a route), integrated with iPhone GPS and iPhone telephone calling. The application is designed for being fast and intuitive. It is free!

    It offers improvements over traditional print or online locations. For example, with the locator you can instantly find nearby Electric Charging stations based on your current GPS location. You can also search based on an address or a zip code. Because it operates through virtually any cellular phone, the service is available anytime, anywhere. Once you select your desired business location, you can get driving direction, call the business, visit the business web site, or email the business – all from your iPhone or iPad. You can also plan a route and have all the nearby stations listed along your route.
    More info

    They are downloadable iPhone application, available free in the iTunes App Store. Please search for “Web Where locator“, “WhereverUgo” or “EVCharger locator“. Or simply click on the icons above to download.

    Based in Fremont, California, USA, Web Where LLC was launched in Fall 2009 by a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with a track record of innovation at leading companies including Cisco, HP, Boeing, and Vicinity. The founders share the vision of creating innovative mobile services that empower people to reach out and enrich their lives.

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    Web Where LLC GPS-enabled locators are developed with technology from Google and Apple.

    For Media Contact, Please contact

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