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USA: Bay Area no longer among 25 most-polluted regions

The San Francisco metropolitan area has dropped off the list of the top 25 most polluted regions in the nation, the American Lung Association said in a report Wednesday.

The State of the Air report ranked regions across the United States on particle and ozone pollution, finding that three of the nine least smoggy counties in California are located in the Bay Area and that, with a few exceptions, the air in Northern California is safe to inhale.

That, however, is not a license to breathe easy. California still ranks among the most polluted places in the nation, according to the report.

“Air pollution remains a serious health threat to too many Californians,” said Jane Warner, president and chief executive officer of the American Lung Association in California. “We’re making real and steady progress in the fight for clean air, but unhealthy levels of air pollution still exist, putting the health of California residents at risk.”

The comprehensive list of the cleanest and most polluted areas in the country used data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to calculate ozone levels, which primarily come from vehicle tailpipes, and particle pollution, most of which comes from burning wood and fossil fuels.

The report, which has been issued every year since 2000, has regularly shown California air to be among the most polluted in the United States, mainly because the warm, dry climate tends to trap smog, especially in Southern California and in the Central Valley.

Huge reductions

Lung association analysts gave credit Wednesday to California for huge reductions in car exhaust and soot, particularly over the past decade. In January, the California Air Resources Board approved regulations that will cut in half current greenhouse gas emissions and mandate production of more than a million zero-emission vehicles by 2025. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has implemented strict wood-burning regulations during designated Spare the Air days


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