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The Deal Maker Or Breaker With Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid And Electric Car Info Systems

There’s no denying stepping into a hybrid, HEV, a plug-in hybrid, PHEV or a pure electric car, EV for the first time can be a little disconcerting at first. Then it all makes sense, if the right environment has been intelligently thought of.

For those of you who recall the first time trying to turn on an alternative energy car, you might remember a moment of confusion. In some cases there are no keys, or when there is a key and you rotated to the start position, nothing happens. There is no noise. There is also the odd new layout of instrumentation and maneuvering system. Almost everything is different in its operation.

Rolling Computer Platforms. In many ways, current HEVs, PHEVs and EVs are rolling computer platforms. They pack more computer power than the first lunar landing capsule. Making this environment cozy, human friendly and ergonomically correct is not a small task for car manufacturers who only had to worry about gas consumption and comfort. Adding the extra layer of computer systems and building friendly graphical user interfaces, GUI is the domain of Apple, not car makers. This is a huge challenge many car makers are dealing with, that of becoming very, very computer savvy.

Apple Versus Microsoft. If the Apple versus the Microsoft war has taught us anything it’s that a company that builds everything from scratch and in charge of product delivery is one that wins clients. Add to this a creative team that puts themselves in the shoe of users, understands their intrinsic desire and how potential buyers want the experience to be and you have the winning product.


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