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Taiwanese university unveils new electric vehicles

aipei, April 5 (CNA) In response to rising fuel prices, a university in southern Taiwan unveiled three newly invented electric vehicles Thursday, one of which is being considered by a European dealer for mass production.

The three models are a multifunctional lightweight electric vehicle, a hybrid electric vehicle powered by zinc-air fuel and lithium batteries, and a small racing car.

All three are safe, environmentally friendly and are very likely to become the mainstream transportation in an era of high fuel prices, according to Mike Y. K. Guu, president of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.

The school has been in discussions with a Dutch dealer to mass produce the multifunctional model at an estimated selling price of 10,000 euros (US$13,072), he said.

The inventions were developed by a team of teachers and students at the university’s Department of Vehicle Engineering.

High energy prices and climate change caused by the greenhouse effect have prompted many countries to devote their efforts to the research and development of electric vehicles, and some have already introduced such vehicles in their domestic markets, said Lin Chiu-feng, head of the College of Engineering, who led the research team.


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