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Taiwan: EV & MOTORCYCLE Taiwan 2012 Stage Industry’s Top Event of the Year

Taipei, Taiwan, Apr 13, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — EV Taiwan & Motorcycle Taiwan are wheeling out some of the most exciting products, bikes and concepts as they unfold April 12-14 at TWTC Hall 1. The joint four-day events run in sync with Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei to host 1,400 exhibitors from home and abroad who will be using 3,600 booths to connect a vast and varied, yet overlapping market.

Very upbeat are the participants in EV Taiwan (the 2nd Taiwan Int’l Electric Vehicle Show) and MOTORCYCLE Taiwan, who have seen exhibitors soar 25% to reach 230. They have also expanded scale by using 702 booths, an increase of 43% over last year’s show.

This mega-four venue super show venue on motoring is expecting 20,000 buyers and vendors from home and abroad to use its one-stop shopping venue that serves and inspires the global industry.

The four exhibitions are expected to generate considerable business opportunities for both the two- and four-wheeled auto industries, creating a complete industry chain in the upstream, midstream, and downstream auto parts sectors.

Taiwan is a leading supplier of AM parts and components and this is the place to scout it all at a hub that was commissioned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs and co-organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA), and Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association (TTVMA).

EV Taiwan 2012 stresses eco- protection & energy efficiency

Following the dazzling success of last year’s EV Taiwan, this event picks up on the massive changes which have driven the market and industry. EV Taiwan is one of the few exhibitions exclusively dedicated to EV and its concerns mesh with Taiwan’s industry that covers the up-, mid- and downstream supply chains.

To guarantee success EV Taiwan, TAITRA, its organizer has opened mutual promotion agreements with other EV events including eCartec Munich of Germany, eCarTec Paris of France, Ecomobiel of the Netherlands, EVEX of Japan, and EVS26 in the USA.

The 2nd EV Taiwan joins major Taiwanese manufacturers, including:

– All Win Green
– Pihsiang
– Giant Lion
– Tung Keng
– Dijiya
– Delta Electronics
– Fukuta Elec. & Mach.
– Luxgen, Chroma ATE
– Honlin Heavy Industries – Honlin Heavy Industries
– Yulon Tobe
– Her Chee Industrial
– Kentfa Advanced Technology
– Masterhold
– Greentrans (CMC Motor)
– TCV Industrial
– Lanyang Energy
– WS Forever – Asia Pacific Fuel Cell
– Teco
– Micro Spring Technology
– CityPower Taiwan
– AC Power
– Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC)
– TD Hitech Energy

Meanwhile the Ministry of Economic Affairs has included EVs in its Green Energy Industry Sunrise Plan by slating it as one of the most forward-looking industries with great potential.

Their Plan underscores growth of key industries according to potential and is in place to assist the EV industry shift to low-carbon, high-value development.

The smart electric vehicle has been designated by the Executive Yuan as one of the Four Major Intelligent Industries and state supports are in place to encourage R&D, and pilot programs to plug in such advantages to the transportation network and the electric grid. One of the results of this program has been rapid developments in Taiwan-made e-vehicles like electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric cars.

And with these developments a complete EV industrial chain is taking shape with the enhancement of upstream battery raw materials, motors, and electrical power system integration of downstream completed vehicle manufacturers which has underpinned exports of key components, especially batteries and motors.

Scores of Taiwan companies have also strengthened international competitiveness by providing customized designs and R&D services to international customers. Such outstanding full vehicle manufacturers include Luxgen, All Win Green, Pihsiang, Yulon, Green Jet, and other brands that have carried the Taiwan flag abroad. Taiwan’s leading global position and technologies in the ICT industry is bolstered by its “intelligent electric vehicles” that emphasize safety, energy efficiency and comfort as well as their associated value-added applications.

Much of this progress can be seen at EV Taiwan in its “Taiwan EV Pilot Program and Demonstration Area” which displays the latest research results on electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, EV batteries, lithium batteries, fuel cells, battery modules, battery chargers, charging stations, motors and parts, motor controllers, automotive DC motors, power systems, and battery test equipment.

2012 MOTORCYCLE Taiwan shows every link of chain

With more than five decades of motorcycle manufacturing experience, Taiwan boasts a complete industry chain and is recognized as possessing extensive expertise and innovative R&D capabilities.

This industry offers a complete line of products from the upstream, midstream and downstream industries that are all showcased at MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN. It’s here where buyers from across Asia and the world have come to source parts and components, rider accessories, manufacturing, and testing and repair equipment.

The show roster includes well-known manufacturers like Aeon Motor, Dinli, Chian-Yie Industrial, Yih Jing Traffic Industrial, Exustar Enterprise, DCR, Zing Yang Industrial, Ming Ming Aluminium, Accel Technology, Elig, Fu An, K Star, Taiwan Hanbin Machinery, JohnWayne Industries, Acewell International, King Tony, MDT Technologies, Long Huei Helmet, Jieh Jia Enterprise, Jia Wei, Japon, Hsu-I Metal Industry, Phongeer Motorsports, and Haihao Technology.

Apart from domestic firms, scores of oversea motorcycle parts exhibitors have come from nations as diverse as Italy, Spain, Japan, Thailand, China and Hong Kong.

MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN builds on Taiwan’s fame in its modified motor vehicle industry with its dedicated “Modified Motorcycle Competition and Showcase”. Two categories, motorcycles and scooters, compose this Showcase. The competition will is based upon the criteria associated with the American style, retro, visual style, leisure, sports, and crossover SUV.

Several famous domestic and overseas vehicle modification experts, manufacturers, parts developers from the industry and modification enthusiasts will be at this competition. Entries at the Showcase in TWTC Hall 1 will be scored by both modification experts and the audience, who will then determine the best modifications. This is sure to ignite a fresh round of heated discussions among aficionados of modified motorcycles.

In addition to conventional motorcycle parts, Taiwan is also one of the world’s foremost suppliers of parts and components for modified motor vehicles. Parts for modification include braking system kits, engine system kits, transmission system kits, exterior and accessories kits, suspension system kits and lighting system kits, which have all been developed and manufactured by Taiwan makers who are out front in the world of technological capabilities.

The quality of their motorcycle parts and components meets international performance, safety, and exterior standards, and these products are well received on the global market.

Exciting events wheel out the trends

MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN offers a full slate of features, exciting informative and networking events like the industry forum, seminars, modified vehicle competition, test drives of new electric cars and motorcycles, procurement meetings, new product launch, and industry press updates.

Here are a few:

Modified Motorcycle — Spotlights leisure & fun

Increased public awareness of the importance of leisure has driven the motorcycles far past its transport role into an icon of personal style. Increasingly exterior designs, even in parts and components, are seen as reflecting a lifestyle message. And that demand for modified motorcycles is showcased in the “modified vehicle competition” which again returns to the menu. Eighty modified vehicles (36 motorcycles and 44 scooters) from scores of specialty modification shops and aficionados around the island have entered the contest. Together these endeavors offer a collection of genius and innovation that can’t be missed!


Thursday, April 12, 2012. 9:30 am — 5:00 pm/Conference Rooms 3, 4 and 5, TWTC Exhibition Hall 1

Organizers TAITRA and TARC have invited representatives and experts from Continental AG EV and Hybrid Systems, Remy International Hybrid Systems, UL Greater China Industrial and Automation Systems, Siemens Mobility Consulting, Denmark’s Insero E-mobility, Nissan, Pihsiang Electric Vehicle Mfg. Co., Ltd., BYD Japan, Infineon (Greater China), and Delta Electronics to talk about the following three popular topics: “International Electric Vehicle Development Trends,” “International Electric Vehicle Operational Trends,” and “Integration of Asia’s Electric Vehicle Industry with the World.” Through this forum, participants will be able to discuss the latest technology with VIPs and share experience with them, allowing Taiwan’s EV industry to gain the latest information on industrial developments and trends worldwide and to create excellent business opportunities.

Seminar on new trends in the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry — Register free!

Friday, April 13, 2012. 9:30 am – 12 noon/ Conference Rm 5, TWTC Exhibition Hall 1

Taiwan boasts leading tech and know-how in electronics and electrical machinery, and the country occupies an important position in the overall production of the global two-wheeled motor vehicle supply chain. The organizers have invited senior executives and officers from Kentfa Advanced Technology, E-Ton Power Tech, and the Electric Motorcycle Industry Development Promotion Office to share their views on the latest trends and developments in two-wheeled vehicles both at home and abroad.

Seminar on new trends in the electric automobile industry — Register free!

Friday, April 13, 2012. 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm / Conference Rm 2, TWTC Exhibition Hall 1

Taiwan boasts very strong capabilities in the ICT industry and the country plays an important role in the global electric automobile supply chain. In this year’s seminar on the new trends for electric automobile industry, the organizers have invited senior executives and officers from the Intelligent EV Promotion Office of the Industrial Development Bureau, TUV Rheinland Taiwan (Germany), Fukuta Elec. & Mach. to share their views on the development strategies for Taiwan’s electric automobile industry and the industry’s current status, which will allow manufacturers to gain the latest development trends in the electric car and key component markets.

Seminar on the Taiwan motorcycle industry — Register for free!

Friday, April 13, 2012. 9:00 am – 10:00 am/Conference Room 2, TWTC Exhibition Hall 1

Don’t knock the motorcycle! It offers the best ride with the lowest fuel use in the face of soaring oil prices. And to detail the latest trends the organizers will be hosting the “Seminar on Taiwan’s motorcycle industry” to underscore the theme “From creativity to launching business opportunities — Motorcycle design, product planning and international market development”.

Insiders from the trade address motorcycle design trends from a globalization perspective and share experiences in launching brands in overseas markets: Mr. George Lin, President of the famous ATV manufacturer Taiwan Golden Bee Co. Ltd., Creative Director Sherman Lin of Dynamics Styling Design and TTVMA Executive Director Wen-Fang Hwang.

EV and motorcycle test rides

More than 50 models from scores of exhibitors are available to test ride. These makers include Aeon, E-Ton, Kentfa Advanced Tech, ChumPowr Machinery, Goldmark Electric Vehicle, Honlin Heavy Industries, Tung Keng, Dijiya, EFA Moto, Masterhold, Green Jet, Super Double Power, Longwin Technology, EVT, Green Diamond Power, EEEEFUN Asia, Kuann Dah Industry, Adlee, Lokovei, TEPSC, Fukuta Elec. & Mach., WS Forever Green, Bubutong, and Asia Pacific Fuel Cell.

Also available for test rides are electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, and four-wheeled scooters which give a hands-on feel for the latest tech.

Even the shuttle service between TWTC Hall 1 and NANGANG Exhibition Hall offer an innovative twist since Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry is providing their latest in electric shuttle bus service to give visitors a feel for the comfort, speed, and convenience of electric public transportation.

New product launches and briefings

Years of Taiwan R&D results have rendered innovative products that have gone on to win awards and renown around the world. This year exhibitors will be making their product announcements at the main stage of TWTC Hall 1. Their new products include popular and environmentally friendly forged aluminum alloy wheels, Bluetooth multimedia helmets, two-wheeled electric motorcycles, e-moving electric scooters, and switchable headlights/fog lights.

Rider Personal Accessories — Easy rider accessories prance the catwalk

Personal accessories developed and manufactured by the exhibitors are pranced up and down the catwalk at the center of TWTC Exhibition Hall 1. Get a feel for the coming parts and accessories which are cat walked by sweet and witty motorcycle models.

Buyers spur business opportunities

Maximum benefits are offered at this exhibition since TAITRA, the organizer, has mobilized the country’s foreign trade and diplomatic missions around the world to encourage motorcycle and EV buyers to come to Taiwan to source their needs. Key buyers have flown in from nations as diverse as Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, China and Indonesia.

Big names from around the world converge here, with such firms as TUCKER ROCKY DISTRIBUTING and MAXZONE AUTO PARTS CORP. from the US; MOTOCICLETAS Y EQUIPOS S.A. and ITALIKA MOTOCICLETAS from Mexico; major motorcycle and bicycle wheel manufacturers ENINCO ENGENHARIA INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA from Brazil; motorcycle parts distributors HERMANN HARTJE KG and major auto and motorcycle parts and components chain distributor JOHANNES J. MATTHIES GMBH & CO. KG, MAGURA – the GUSTAV MAGENWIRTH GMBH & CO KG and SWARCO GMBH from Germany; AIXAM-MEGA from France; ACERBIS ITALIA SPA from Italy; KL-VARAOSAT OY from Finland; MOTOVELO CORP and CJSC “MOTORCYCLE COMPANY MINSK-MOTO” from Poland.

There is also a major vendor of lithium batteries and battery management systems A1 LIMITED LTD from Bulgaria; the largest motorcycle parts distributors DAYTONA CORP. and the largest bearing manufacturer NTN from Japan. Here too, you can see one of the largest automobile manufacturers MAHINDRA AUTO SECTOR from India; PT.ASTRA KOMPONEN INDONESIA from Indonesia; and MATIN KHODRO ZANJAN CO. from Iran. You can meet any and all at TAITRA-organized one-on-one procurement meetings during the exhibition.

EV Taiwan and Motorcycle Taiwan exhibition information

The two exhibitions will be held from April 12 to April 15. See the schedule below for the opening hours. In order to provide the best procurement environment for buyers, the exhibition will be open on April 12-13 to overseas buyers and domestic manufacturers only. Representatives will be admitted with their identification documents and two business cards. On April 14-15, the exhibitions will be open for general paid admission at NT$200 per visitor. Children under the age of 12 are not admitted.

For more Motorcycle Taiwan details, click: or for EV Taiwan, click

SOURCE: Taiwan External Trade Development Council

Sabrina Yu, 02-2725-5200 Ext. 2689
Exhibition Dept.
Fax: 02-2722-7324



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